Don’t post on Facebook unless you are prepared the consequences

Earlier this month Anne Borden King posted news on her Facebook page that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, she reports, “my Facebook feed has featured ads for ‘alternative cancer care’. The ads, which were new to my timeline, promote everything from cumin seeds to colloidal silver as cancer treatments. Some ads promise luxury clinics – or even ‘nontoxic cancer therapies’ on a beach in Mexico.”

Algorithms Evolve Themselves

Google is borrowing from Darwin to make a seismic leap in automatic machine learning. It could spell out the end of most human bias.

  • Google’s AutoML-Zero is capable of creating brand-new algorithms from scratch, through a Darwinian-style evolution process.
  • Scientists working for the tech giant believe this leap in automatic machine learning research (AutoML) will revolutionize the field, opening up machine learning capabilities for non-experts.
  •  Last month, they posted their work to the preprint server ArXiv, which means the research has not yet been peer-reviewed.