A New Focus For Agile Development

Recently there’s been some new thinking around agile methodologies and processes to possibly bring those disillusioned with agile and scrum back into the fold. Two movements have emerged: Agile 2016 keynote speaker, Joshua Kerievsky’s “Modern Agile” and Agile Manifesto signatory Alistair Cockburn’s “Heart of Agile.”

Both emphasize getting back to basics, using a principle-based strategy that  can be used beyond software development. The industry has become overloaded with techniques, processes, methodologies and tools that have fallen under the agile umbrella.

Many consider these more marketing hype than agile, feeling they are moving away from the simplicity that the agile principles promote. Both Modern Agile and Heart of Agile aim to move agile to the next level, not by adding complexity, but by simplifying— stressing only adherence to four principles.

Here’s a review of these two trends with some insights into how they intend to change agile thinking.