Opened Guest Post, and Guidelines

Opened Guest Post, and Guidelines

What is Guest posting?

As an issue of first significance: we ought to depict our terms. “Guest posting” mean making and conveying an article on another person’s page or blog.

I offer this on my site (once in a while) and do it a broad aggregate on different goals with Guests that I need to address. It’s an unbelievable methodology to associate with new perusers and get your name out.

In any case, for an amazingly critical time allotment, I ignored this fundamental solicitation for growing an extraordinary site. I wish I hadn’t. In addition, I trust you won’t.

Guest Post Guidelines

Headline: Be sure to include a headline / post title.

Length: We don’t impose a minimum length for your post, the story is more important than length. Still please make sure the story is relevant to readers and contains enough and useful information, so the best thing is to add as many pieces of information and points of view as possible in your article. We really want our readers to benefit from reading the articles published here.

Content: Write with the reader in mind. Assume the reader is busy and has a short attention span. Start with a brief set-up that hooks the reader. Then organize the rest in segments. Short paragraphs and eventually headings within the article make it easier to read.

Previously published: Be sure to let us know if the story has been published or submitted elsewhere.

Authorship: Be sure to include an author bio, two to three sentences.

Credit: We respect individual work and if your story is derivative of someone else’s work, feel free to give them credit. The same applies to images, see below.

Images: It’s great to include images to illustrate the points in your story. But please only include your own images, photography that you have rights to use or that are available under creative commons license. Be sure to include image credits and links (for us to double check). Do not include images to which you have not secured the rights. If you are using your own images, note that. If you use an image from a photo licensing service such as AP, Getty, or Shutterstock, note the source and include the name and email address of your representative so we can verify that you have rights to the image. You are solely responsible for obtaining these rights and by submitting a post, you represent and warrant to LifeIsAnEpisode that you have done so. If you don’t provide images and/or the information requested above, we will publish one (or more) based on our understanding of your story and the photo stock websites we have subscriptions with.

Editing: We reserve the right to edit the article to a greater or lesser extent, including changes in the text, subheads and headline, to improve readability and maximize the web traffic for the articles published on our blog. Our policy is to give guest post authors a chance to review our edits before posting when possible, but we retain final editorial control. Relevant/related links might be added at the time of publishing or later at our discretion.

Payment: We don’t pay for guest posts.

Self-promotion: Authors have the chance of a link back to their own personal blogs. So you are free to add the URL of your personal blog. Also provide links to your social media profile pages. Any other backlinks within the post are subject to our consideration. See the below section Advertising / Vendor Sponsored Posts for more details.

Advertising / Vendor Sponsored Posts

If you’re a company looking to write about a problem for which your company offers a solution or about any area in which you have a vested interest; or you have a website that sells or recommends products or services; or you represent and contact us on behalf of a company / business website, your story will qualify as advertising / sponsored post rather than a guest post. You’ll probably be asked to pay a processing fee covering the effort and costs with proofreading / editing / formatting your article, buying / editing / preparing the photo(s) for publishing, preparing the author info (bio, photo, links), final check and publishing your article. To speak to us about advertising / sponsored post opportunities, please write to us via our contact us form

Accepting Guest Post

We try to respond to as many submissions and inquiries as possible. But lately we have become overwhelmed with the number of inquiries from people asking general information instead of submitting articles. Consequently, we have decided to prioritize them. Our current policy being responding only to requests that include submitted articles.

So, if you want to make sure you’ll get a response for your email, submit an article for review/assessment, on a topic of your choice. If your post is not accepted, we won’t publish it and you’ll be informed, so you can submit it to other websites/blogs.

Submit Guest Post

We are currently accepting new posts (publishing is subject to reviewing/assessment) so there is no need to email us first asking if you can write for us or if we are still accepting guest posts, we do.

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