How to opt in/out your Wi-Fi network out of Google’s location data gathering

Google Maps is an amazing and often indispensable service, and a big part of that is just how good it is at figuring out where you are. And the reason it’s so good at is, like so many things Google does, lots and lots of data. Maps doesn’t just use GPS to find, but also a huge database of home and business Wi-Fi networks the company has mapped out over the years via crowdsourcing and Street View cars. You can set your phone to GPS-only, but what if you want to hinder Google from collecting data on your Wi-Fi network? There’s a solution for that: Just add “_nomap” to the end of your SSID.

How to Turn an Old Android Device Into a Cool

What do you do with your old Android phones or tablets? That question usually prompts three tired answers. You might trade them in for a new purchase. Or you could resell them on eBay. Probably, though, you will just stuff them in a drawer as emergency backups.

Better options exist, however, that would let you continue to get value from your aging devices. For example, you could download Google maps to create a dedicated in-car GPS navigator, or you could turn them into webcams.

How to Temporarily Enable Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone

Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone is a great way to get some peace of mind. While you can schedule it every night, there are times when you might want to enable Do Not Disturb mode temporarily.

Do Not Disturb mode automatically silences all calls and notifications. But if someone calls repeatedly, they can be allowed through, so can your Favorites from the Phone app.

Which CDN Types and Differences suites for you

Choosing the right type of CDN is very important because it will affect the way in which content is delivered to those who access your website. Before we get into the types of CDN that you can choose from, it’s best if we went over what CDN is and what is accomplishes, just so everyone is on the same page. CDN servers help websites deliver their data to people all over the world.