What Is ASUS TurboV?

Some ASUS motherboards include the ASUS TurboV software package. It contains tools to let you overclock components of your computer, making them run faster than their rated clock speeds. While overclocking with TurboV can damage your computer or compromise its stability, it can also give you more performance. While overclocking is usually the domain of gamers, if you do other computationally intensive applications, like rendering 3D walkthroughs at an architectural firm, you can also benefit from it.

The CPU Smart Fan Function

Under normal circumstances, the CPU in your desktop PC generates modest amounts of heat; a smart fan on top of the CPU runs just fast enough to keep it cool. At this speed, you barely hear the fan. When your computer performs intensive tasks such as playing high-definition video, the CPU heats up and the fan runs faster. The smart fan function adjusts the fan’s speed, running it faster and slower to meet the CPU’s varying demands for cooling.

Processor Speeds Explanation

A computer reduces every task to a series of calculations and the processor — sometimes called the central processing unit — physically carries out these calculations. In principle, the processor’s clock speed, which is the measure of the speed of these calculations, determines how fast the processor performs. In practice, several other factors affect the performance of a processor and thus how fast it appears to work.

What Is the Difference Between Hyper Threading & Multi-Core Technology

The technology behind Hyper-Threaded, or HT, and multi-core processors enables processors to far exceed the performance of single-core, non-HT processors. The differences between the technologies are great, however, so it’s important to understand these differences before choosing what to use in your business computers. With either technology, however, you’ll achieve greater performance than you would with a regular processor.

How to Test Augmented/Virtual Reality

Augmented/ Virtual Reality (AR/VR) is no longer rocket science. It is here and now, a viable part of the consumer market, available for millions of users. More and more companies are now seeing the uses for augmented reality – It provides enormous potential ranging from chasing digital creatures to designing complex machines or providing engineering solutions. If your business is planning to launch an AR application project, you probably know that there are two crucial activities that will define user satisfaction with the final product. The first one is natural and immersive user experience. The second one is Quality Assurance.

Dell announces new Linux XPS 13 developer edition 7390 laptop

Dell recently announced the new XPS 13 developer edition powered by Ubuntu Linux and Intel’s 10th generation Comet Lake CPUs. The new device will soon be available in the US, Canada, and European markets. It is good news for both developers and Linux enthusiast who wants Linux laptop with preloaded Ubuntu operating systems. Let us see new Linux XPS 13 developer edition specs and other information.

Raspberry PI 4 Released – Complete specs and pricing

A new version of the Raspberry PI 4 model has been released, and it is incredible update over the older model. A few years ago, I got Raspberry Pi 3 . It was my first 64-bit ARM board. It came with a 64-bit CPU. Here are the complete specs for an updated 64-bit credit card size Raspberry PI 4 desktop computer level of performance.