Microsoft acquires ADRM Software to beef up Azure with industry data models

Microsoft today announced it has acquired ADRM Software, which provides large-scale industry data models companies use as “information blueprints.” The tech giant says it plans to combine these models with storage and compute from Azure to support the creation of data lakes where information from multiples lines of business is collated together at scale.

Microsoft goes public with more of its Azure capacity improvement plans

Microsoft officials have been providing updates on how the company has been working to increase cloud capacity since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic. On June 16, Microsoft shared some more specifics about what it has been doing on this front, including some information on how it has been endeavoring to shore up its Azure-based Teams service as demand grew sharply starting this spring.

How Amazon Web Services Stacked Up Against Microsoft’s Azure

A common theme that ran through the quarterly results of the companies: the strength in cloud businesses. This isn’t surprising, given the lockdowns necessitated by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that led to remote working and studying, heightening the demand for cloud services.