How Amazon Web Services Stacked Up Against Microsoft’s Azure

A common theme that ran through the quarterly results of the companies: the strength in cloud businesses. This isn’t surprising, given the lockdowns necessitated by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that led to remote working and studying, heightening the demand for cloud services.

Why Is There so Much Hype Around Amazon Inferentia?

Do you remember the movie “Ex Machina“? The most captivating part of the movie is when – Ava, an AI robot, becomes self-aware and deceptive than the creator ever imagined. Apart from the movie, we certainly can’t comment on when we are going to witness that in reality, but we are witnessing the unfolding of a golden era: the era of AI (artificial intelligence). And all thanks to ML (machine learning).

Debates like “whether AI will take over humans or not” builds a succinct foundation of this golden era. Big shots in the tech industry like Microsoft, Google, Facebook have already started rolling out AI-enabled products, which, if not ignored, bring more value to the table.

How to deploy your Laravel application on AWS continuously

There is something very powerful about automating even the little things. We sometimes think as automation as the simple maths of saving a given number of minutes/seconds by a given number of times a day but the compound effect is much greater.

As you will be setting up more automation for your deployments, you will run into and solve problems many times more critical than saving a few minutes a week.