Black YouTubers sue Google

A group of Black YouTubers is suing YouTube and its parent, Google, alleging that the companies discriminate against their videos based on race. The suit claims that YouTube uses its automated tools to “restrict, censor and denigrate” Black creators, hurting their subscribers and revenue, while videos with racist hate speech are hosted and allowed to make money on the site even after being flagged for violating YouTube’s rules.

YouTube announces a new shoppable ad format

YouTube today announced a new direct response ad format that will make YouTube video ads more “shoppable” by adding browsable product images underneath the ad to drive traffic directly to brands’ product pages. The introduction of the format comes at a time when advertisers are trying to find new ways to capture consumers’ growing interest in e-commerce shopping, amid a pandemic that’s kept people from shopping brick-and-mortar physical stores for fear of infection.

YouTube rolls out personalized ‘topics filters’ on iOS and Web

YouTube is making it easier for you to watch videos on topics that you like. The streaming company is rolling out recommendation filters in the form of topic bubbles on desktop and iOS that’ll be situated atop your feed.

The company said previously the feature was only available on Android. However, it’s rolling out to iOS and desktop users starting today. So you might see that appear on top of your feed anytime now. These topics are based on your viewing history and personalized recommendations.