WhatsApp Suddenly Gets Two Powerful Security Surprises: Here’s Why This Matters

The global coronavirus pandemic has distracted everyone, everywhere, but it has not deferred the emotive debate between lawmakers and the technology industry over the future of end-to-end encryption. Governments led by the U.S., U.K. and Australia are battling the industry to open up “warrant-proof” encryption to law enforcement agencies. The industry argues this will weaken security for all users around the world. The debate has polarized opinion and is intensifying.

How to Login to WhatsApp Web and Get WhatsApp on Tablet, PC or Laptop Computer

Although it is possible to install WhatsApp on a tablet, and arguably on a computer using the same process with Android virtualisation software, it’s not something we’d recommend. The WhatsApp app can be active on only one device at a time, which means to have separate instances on your phone and tablet you must have two separate accounts. Leaving aside the fact your contacts won’t know on which account to reach you, there’s also the small problem that you need a unique phone number to set up each account.