Twitter introduces ‘voice tweets’ because sometimes 280 characters aren’t enough

Twitter may have doubled tweet lengths for user rants and quips back in 2017, but sometimes even 280 characters isn’t enough to get your message across. So now Twitter is making it easier to have your voice heard–literally–with the addition of voice tweets.

Twitter tests a warning message that tells users to rethink offensive replies

Twitter is experimenting with a new moderation tool that will warn users before they post replies that contain what the company says is “harmful” language.

Twitter describes it as a limited experiment, and it’s only going to show up for iOS users. The prompt that is now supposed to pop up in certain situations will give “you the option to revise your reply before it’s published if it uses language that could be harmful,” reads a message from the official Twitter Support channel.

Twitter’s user base is growing, but its advertising business is in trouble

Twitter usage has spiked just like it did for other big platforms, as more people are flocking to it to keep up with news updates. However, CEO Jack Dorsey is on shaky ground with key investors, who allowed him to keep his position on the promise that he would drive user and revenue growth — this will become increasingly difficult in the coming quarters.